Innovatives technologies

Our core business is to supply innovative technologies :

  • onboard technologies: unscrewing, multi-slides, invisible parting lines, rotation, in-mould transfer, in-mould closing, integrated automatism
  • laser sintering technology for the manufacturing of moulded elements
  • bi-material and overmoulding technologies

A proactive design office

Our design office is an experienced team of pro-active technicians in order to provide customised and innovative solutions: part design and adjustment, compliance with customer constraints.

Our workstations are equipped with CREO (Pro/Engineer), Autocad 2D and 3D software.

A high-performance Team

Thanks to our policy of sustained investment in equipments and training, our production team works with efficiency and performance.

Our human policy allows the involvement of everyone in the achievement of your projects.

A quality control

Like a craftsman, our expertise is based on the multi-skilling of our employees. All the manufacturing stages are carried out on our production site. We control quality, cost and lead time.

A dedicated testing centre

Our 400 m² testing center is composed of 4 injection molding machines. We optimize the injection parameters and to qualify your tooling in our factory.

Our testing centre includes :

  • 1 electric Billion press 150T
  • 1 hydraulic DK press 180T
  • 1 Billion electric press 350T
  • 1 bi-material Billon press 320T


This “turnkey” service represents a considerable time saving for our customers when starting up the tools on their production sites.